English for Restaurant Workers, 2nd Edition

English for Restaurant Workers, 2nd Edition

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The book is designed for use by:

• The trainee waiter or waitress who needs the specific vocabulary and commonly used expressions for their job. 
• Any English speaking, entry-level restaurant employee who needs an easy-to-follow guide for the various tasks in restaurant work
• The restaurant employee trainer or language instructor, whose job can be supplemented and facilitated by the material in this book. 

 Each unit is four pages: 

- The first two pages depict particular restaurant tasks as they should be performed. Captions below each frame contain the vocabulary needed for that task. 
Key vocabulary boxes at the end of each unit list all the important and useful words for the given task. 
For Special Attention boxes in each unit explain idioms and certain words or phrases more fully. 
- The following two pages consist of exercises, word puzzles, role-plays etc., which incorporate the target vocabulary and expressions covered in the unit. 

Also included:

- Answer key for the exercises. 
- A glossary of basic job-related words and phrases