Talk About Travel

Talk About Travel

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•Useful vocabulary to suit a wide variety of situations in tourism
•Informative reading passages and realistic dialogs using natural English
•Practical communication exercises for those working in the field of tourism
•Authentic documents, brochures, and flyers for further study
•Helpful tips about how to enjoy traveling
•Task-based communicative activities for problem-solving skills
•Audio recordings of all reading passages and dialogs 


Vocabulary Preview

  • Match words and definitions / Complete the sentences using key vocabulary
  • 250-280 words based on the unit topic, with key vocabulary highlighted
  • Multiple Choice questions / True or False questions
  • Warm-up / Dialog 1 / Dialog 2 / Pair Work 
  • Actual documents related to the unit topic
  • Tropical tips from experienced travelers
Reading Passage
Reading Comprehension

Listening and Speaking

Authentic Documents

Travel Tips